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X10 Agency is a full-service marketing and PR agency delivering turnkey solutions for successful ICO promotion. We are a launchpad that helps ICOs to get started, engage with the audience, and reach a hard cap.

What we do
Community management
We provide 24/7 community management so that your audience can get the answers right away and be involved in communication constantly.
Bounty campaigns
We launch and manage professional bounty campaigns that help you to be noticed through spreading a word about the project by cryptocommunity
Listing on ICO trackers
In two weeks we will get your ICO listed and rated on 50+ top ICO trackers and listings

Content marketing
We create outstanding content and offer its continuous placement on trending crypto and fintech media outlets.
Growth hacking
Our experienced Growth Hackers will post questions/comments in your Bitcointalk ANN thread, Telegram public chat and Reddit, thus increasing activity in the channels and engaging the community
Telegram Airdrop bot
We can bring more than 20,000 followers (up to 60,000 and more) to you Telegram chat via Airdrop with our smart tailor made Telegram bot
Asian markets promotion
Your project will be promoted at specific local markets like China, Korea, Japan. We provide with community management 24/7 by native speakers, PR in local medias, calendars, listings according to drafted media plan and lot more
Digital marketing
We will bring a lot of traffic to your website via different channels like Google Adwords and other DSP platforms, which cannot be banned.
Projects we work with
We pride to be part of great projects which we belive we strengthen
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