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4 Best IGO and Play2Earn Launchpads to Keep an Eye On in 2021/2022

In my last articles we discussed why Play 2 Earn is a New Trend on the Crypto Market and What is IGO (Initial Game Offering) and How to Participate in it.

Today I want to tell you more about IGO launchpads, where you can find different interesting projects that are related to blockchain gaming, play-to-earn, IGOs, gaming metaverses, and so on.

These platforms facilitate IGOs of project developers. There're general launchpads that facilitate the funding of all kinds of blockchain projects. An example of this is Polkastarter. Further, I'll provide some examples of such launchpads where you can look for IGOs.
This is one of the largest IGO launchpads. GameFi was created by the people behind Red Kite Launchpad.

In addition to IGO, they also help fund blockchain games in other ways. GameFi is the first platform where you can purchase not only tokens in a project at an IGO, but also with assets in the game.

Here you need to buy the utility token GAFI to participate in an IGO in a pool. GameFi is therefore still in development and the launchpad is one of the first components that has been released.

Participation in an IGO can be organized by GameFi in various ways. You get access to the pools through a ticket system or by buying tokens. A ticket is your access to the ticket pools.
Seedify, like the phenomenon of IGO, is still very young. Seedify started in 2021 and has already facilitated 4 successful IGOs in the first six months. In addition to arranging fundraising, the platform also helps with marketing and community building for a blockchain game project.

Through a pool you can invest in a project with SFUND, the tokens of the Seedify platform. The reward for investing tokens works through a tier system. The more SFUND tokens you have, the more weight you bring into the pool, the higher your tier is.

Currently, Seedify has a 9 tier system. In the first tier up to 250 SFUND, the token distribution is done via a lottery system. The other tiers will guarantee you a share. From Tier 6 you can also participate in private rounds, which means private sales.

Before you are allowed to participate in an IGO on this platform, you must first go through a KYC (Know Your Customer or identification) procedure. You must also purchase the tokens for this and have a wallet to put your tokens. The SFUND token can be bought via Kucoin or Pancakeswap.
Gamestarter is a game financing platform that also organizes the IGOs in its own way. Here you get your investment in a project confirmed in freely tradable NFTs instead of tokens. The founders of this platform see the assets used for games as the most attractive NFTs to make profits from as liquid assets. That is why they have chosen this form of crowdfunding.

The token GAME is the native token of the platform with which you buy these NFTs. Crowdfunding is done with an "all or nothing" system. This means that the investment and the entire plan will only continue if the stated goal is achieved. This platform is still under development, but certainly, an interesting one to keep an eye on. The token GAME is available on the, Pancakeswap and Uniswap exchanges.
Enjin Starter
Enjin Starter specializes in DeFi and games. It organizes everything around an IGO. Enjin Starter started in May 2021. It is therefore still under development at the time of writing. Interestingly, it is part of the Enjin platform which is intended for the development of blockchain games. This platform already has a decent reputation and that makes Enjin Starter a launchpad worth keeping an eye on.
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