Full NFT Preparation

1.1. Preliminary discussion over the project's concept and team's goals;
1.2. Audit and development of token concept and economic model of token / tokenomics;
1.3. Development of White Paper: concept, content, copywriting, design;
1.4. Audit and development of Financial Model of the Project;
1.5. Development of the One Pager of the Project (investment teaser);
1.6. Development of the Pitch Deck (investment deck) of the Project ;
1.7. Market research (market volume and potential, competitors & substitutes, changeover cost analysis);
1.8. Breakdown analysis of financing structure and token distribution through the validity of the project objectives;
1.9. Development of marketing strategy;
1.10. Development of detailed NFT timeline, breakdown on stages;
1.11. Development of project's Roadmap;
1.12. Validation of all documents with the crypto community and partner investors;
1.13. Support in Advisor's and experts selection for the Project. Access to the wide
range of well-known experts and advisors in blockchain/investment industry;
1.14. Support in selection of team members for the Project;
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