DeFi Marketing Services for Japan Crypto Market

Buzz Marketing

  • Service description: It's effective to do buzz marketing at the same timing with other campaigns or promotions.
  • Steps: Management Policy Formulation, Accounts Creation, Contents Creation, Posting.

SNS Management Japan

PLATFORMS: Twitter & Telegram or LINE OC.
Twitter is the strongest platform here to share the info and communicate with other projects and KOLs.
  • 2.1 Telegram - as the closed group, allows to form the community, keep people involved, invite new members and use those resources, when there is a need (when looking for the grants and campaigns applications, event participants, volunteers etc).
  • 2.1 Twitter users can be converted to project`s community via Operating of give away campaign, collaborated with local crypto media and influencers etc.

Japanese Media Packages

Crypto Media PR Packages:
  • Coverage in Japanese media includes 4 publications in several media: 4 media from the list: Coinpost, Cointelegraph JP, Coinchoice, Cryptotimes, Bittimes.
  • General media press release: Under this package we distribute Press Releases to over 200 - 300 media and guarantee publications in more than 20 media.
    Price: by request
    *Contact us to specify the price of each publication
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