Community Management
Worldwide, ENG
  • 24/7 community support services in public Telegram chat of the project;
  • 3 community managers working by 8 hours shifts, covering all 24 hours;
  • Moderation & Engaging Community with content and updates on project;
  • Creating/updating pinned message on Telegram;
  • Creating/Updating FAQ with tailored answer;
  • Fighting Spammers and Scammers in the group;
  • Maintaining reasonably short response time (typically below 1 Minute);
  • Driving investors (private/public) directly to projects team;
  • Installing of necessary Telegram bots to maintain the group clean from spam links etc.

Price: 6 000 USD / Month
*If necessary the quantity of community managers could be increased to 5
or whatever needed with accordingly increased budget.
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