ICO Pools

  • A full list with curated direct links to 200+ private sales group / pool organizers;
  • Each ranging from 100 - 5 500 investors with prior private sales contributions of $20 000 to $500 000 per project per group.

The ICO Pools List includes the following:
1. Pool Group Name
2. Pool Group Link (usually telegram)
3. Organizer Name
4. Organizer Telegram Handle
5. Number of members in each group

If you have run roadshows previously, it's usually 5-6k USD per roadshow event to gather 50-80 leads per event. A Europe or Asia tour would easily cost 60-80k USD for 1k-2k contacts of potential investors. The list would be able to give you over 30k qualified potential active investors who have invested in many other ICOs.

Sample of contribution amounts and ICOs:
50 ETH for Endor
270 ETH for Bubbletone
303 ETH for NeuroChain
350 ETH for DAV Network
650 ETH for Simply Vital Health
1200 ETH for EdenChain
1500 ETH for Celsius

Price: by request
*Though we have feedback from previous ICOs we have dealt with that they managed to raise $100k-$2m, we need to share with you that we can't guarantee any minimal contributions, as there depends heavily on the strength of your projects and their interest levels.
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