Full Legal Package for STO

Unit 1: Development of the Legal structure of the Project:

1.1. Development of the legal structure of the Project (holding company, operational company, issuer of tokens, IP company);

1.2. Building ownership relations between beneficiaries and structure companies;

1.3. Jurisdictions selection for the establishment of each of the companies structure;

1.4. Advisory on risk sharing among companies of the structure;

1.5. Creating a scheme of financial flows between companies of the structure;

1.6. General analysis of the tax burden on the project structure;

1.7. Development of measures to reduce the tax burden on project

Unit 2: Development of token allocation legal strategy:

2.1. Legal analysis of the structure and functionality of the Token, development of recommendations for reducing legal risks;

2.2. Development of an optimal strategy for token allocation (applied to key countries where tokens will be allocated);

2.3. Advisory on specific issues of application to the tokens of the regime established by the Regulation A, Regulation D, Regulation S, Regulation A+, etc. (US Securities Act).

Unit 3: Legal support of Project's marketing campaign:

3.1. Development of legal recommendations and rules regarding marketing materials and investor communications;

3.2. Development of Legal unit for White Paper/Owner's Manual;

3.3. Legal audit of White Paper/Owner's Manual;

3.4. Legal audit of One Pager/Investment Deck;

3.5. Legal audit of Pitch Deck;

3.6. Legal audit of Presentation for public speaking.

Unit 4: Legal support of the Private Sales stage:

4.1. Development of an optimal legal scheme for holding private sales and deals;

4.2. Development of a contract for the sale of tokens for the private sale stage;

4.3. Development of letter of assurances from the investor regarding the
origins of funds.

Unit 5: Legal support of the Public Sales stage. Development of documentation for the website:

5.1. Development of a contract for the public token sale stage;

5.2. Development of Terms of Use for the website;

5.3. Development of Privacy Policy;

5.4. Development of Disclaimers for the website;

5.5. Development of a list of investment risks of the Project.

Unit 6: KYC/AML recommendations for Investor Verification:

6.1. Recommendations regarding compliance with applicable anti-money laundering and terrorist financing legislation;

6.2. Recommendations regarding KYC procedure;

6.3. Development of KYC Policy.

Price: by request
* All services can be performed separately.

* Price for Formation and Incorporation of necessary entity structure for Security Token Issuer including SPV(Cayman, BVI, Estonia, Swiss etc), USA, Europe etc. depends on the Project's details and can be discussed separately.

** Submission of an application to the U.S Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) under Regulation D or others depends on the Project's details and can be discussed separately.

*** During the implementation of the Project, it may be necessary to involve a local legal advisor in order to clarify in more detail the applicable regulatory rules or to go through the regulatory regime for placing tokens in a particular country. The involvement of a local legal advisor is further coordinated with the client. Payment for the services of a local legal advisor is carried out by the client.

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