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* It is a unique solution for automating token sales. The BB Platform is an integrated data processing system for handling the sales and purchases of tokens in the project's STO based on its particular features. The platform offers a vast array of token payment and distribution tools, sales structuring and analysis, user interaction, and easy access to information on the current status of the token sale.

1.1. Investor's personal account;
1.2. Customizable design and content;
1.3. Integrated KYC/AML checks;
1.4. Accredited Investor check for individuals and/or entities;
1.5. Security guarantee;
1.6. Built-in calculator with current exchange rates;
1.7. Four-tier two-way referral Program;
1.8. CPA analytics;
1.9. Loyalty programs;
1.10. 24/7 tech support, personal data manager;
1.11. Country-specific custom agreement tool;
1.12. GDPR compliant;
1.13. Dynamic content: Investor Memorandum displayed to Accredited investors only;
1.14. Generation of unique agreements with custom token purchase conditions;
1.15. Development of Smart Contract and Token issuance;
1.16. Easy and fast integration to the project's Website;
1.17. Token distribution to the investors and participants after token-sale;
Price: by request
* Price depends on the exact scope of works and needed integrations.
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