Community Management
for GameFi and Play2Earn projects

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Community BUILDING AND EnGagement
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Community Management
for GameFi and Play2Earn projects

Community Management is a set of services that includes Discord and Telegram moderation, engagement and building.

It's needed to keep you community updated, guided, and entertained.
Also, Discord server and/or Telegram chat is a perfect place for your Play2Earn and GameFi community to communicate, ask questions related to your project and get involved into different activities.

Our moderators have experience in Community Management of crypto projects since 2017, so we know what your community needs.

Based on the community size, we can allocate from 1 up to 14 community managers covering 24/7, every time zone.

Community Management for Discord and Telegram
Worldwide, ENG (other languages are possible by request)
  • 24/7 community support services in public Telegram chat / Discord server of the project;
  • From 1 to 14 community managers working by 8 hours shifts, covering all 24 hours;
  • Setting up Discord server and Telegram chat with all needed designs, bots and tools;
  • Moderation & Engaging Community with content, giveaways and updates on project;
  • Creating/updating pinned and welcome messages on Telegram and Discord;
  • Creating/Updating FAQ with tailored answers;
  • Fighting Spammers and Scammers in the group;
  • Maintaining reasonably short response time (typically below 2 minutes);
  • Driving participants to join the white lists of the project (if needed);
  • Installing of necessary Telegram and Discord bots to maintain the group clean from spam links, engage activities etc.

Announcements in project's TG Channel
Supporting conversations with existing members in TG Chat
Discord Management in action
  • 27
    Team Members Worldwide
  • 24/7
    We can cover any time zone
  • 100+
    Projects we've worked with
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