Growth Hacking
for GameFi and Play2Earn projects

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Marketing for Blockchain and Web3 projects
Discord / telegram / Twitter PROMOTIOM
Hashtags / shilling / DMs
Community BUILDING AND EnGagement
broadcasting project's announcements and news
Growth Hacking for GameFi and Play2Earn 3.0 projects

Growth Hacking is a valuable tool for GameFi and Play2Earn startups at every stage, specially at the early one, taking into account that the goals are high, but community members are yet to be found.

Growth Hacking for GameFi and Play2Earn projects is a set of techniques and methods to reach out to a wider audience with a help of analytical approach based on data-driven decisions.

X10 Agency is able to run Growth Hacking campaigns on the main platforms: Twitter, Discord, Telegram, Reddit, and Instagram.

It includes Community Engagement and Activity campaigns, DM campaigns, Giveaway and Contests, and many more.

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Growth Hacking for GameFi and Play2Earn Projects
Worldwide, ENG
  • Twitter Growth Hacking campaign;
  • Mass DMs: Telegram, Discord, and Twitter;
  • Community Engagement in the project's Telegram Chat / Discord Server / Twitter official page / Instagram account;
  • Internal giveaways and contests;
  • Various combinations of methods applied to a project;
  • 8
    Platforms for Growth Hacking
  • 10+
    Growth Hacking techniques
  • 100+
    Projects we've worked with
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