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ICO/IEO/IDO Project Audit
Greater sophistication is now required when approaching and undertaking ICO/IEO/IDO projects: if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. An increasing number of ICO/IEO/IDO project creators are being caught out by failing to undertake the basic due diligence at the outset of project planning. Common problems include ICO/IEO/IDO that infringe existing financial regulations.

If you fail to treat the launch of an ICO/IEO/IDO project like the launch of any other business (obtaining necessary White Paper creation and undertaking due diligence) you could easily expose yourself to unnecessary personal risk.

X10 Agency Team is able to assist with Audit of project structure, initial documentation, and technology.

Full ICO/IEO/IDO Audit
Worldwide, ENG
ICO/IEO/IDO Project Audit:
  1. Preliminary discussion over the project's concept and team's goals
  2. Audit of token concept and economy, recommendations on how to choose the right token type for the project.
  3. Concept analysis (real customer benefits, demand for DLT)
  4. Audit of White Paper (Owner's Manual) for the Project;
  5. Audit of Financial Model of the Project;
  6. Audit of investment teaser for Project (one-pager).
  7. Market research (market volume and potential, competitors & substitutes, changeover cost analysis);
  8. Financials / tokenomics (economic model of token utilization through the prism of actual requirements of users);
  9. Breakdown analysis of financing structure and token distribution through the validity of the project objectives;
  10. Vulnerabilities analysis;
  11. Distinct indications of weaknesses (from investors` point of view) in product concept, white paper, and presentation materials;
  12. Sample calculation of investment performance of the project (appraisal of the project's future value on the basis of estimated demand for tokens and comparison of rivals` post-ICO/STO market caps)
  13. Recommendations for the product concept to improve investors perception
  14. Full report: output with guidelines and recommendations summary to improve the documentation for the project: White paper, One Pager, Pitch Deck and website;
  15. Validation of all documents with the crypto community and partner investors;
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