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Best conditions for listing.
listing on crypto exchanges
X10 Agency is a full-service crypto marketing and PR agency delivering turnkey solutions for successful Web3, crypto, DeFi, NFT, ICO/IEO, and STO promotion. That also includes listings on crypto exchanges.

Since 2016, we work with utility and security tokens (IEO/ICO and STO), non-fungible tokens (NFT), crypto exchanges and wallets, DeFi, blockchain, and fintech projects.

We are a launchpad that helps Web3 projects get started, engage with the audience, and reach long-term goals.
who we are?
best conditions for listing on crypto exchanges
We will help you to create a successful trading history and increase the overall demand of your token.
prices are lower than the offical ones
We have long time relations with most of the exchanges, that's why they give us better conditions.

No hidden commissions.
100+ exchanges
Only direct contacts with exchanges and top management.

Fast listing - from 3 days
Also we provide
Market Making
Our main goal is to attract attention of community and real traders to your token and chart!

Trading Volume
Connecting algorithms which increase daily volume up to any daily Volume you desire
General liquidity of asset will be increased
Token Price and Cap
Increase in the token price and its total cap
Trade Chart
Favorable trade chart will be formed
Sell your tokens on the secondary market
Interest in your tokens among third-party traders will be increased
24/7 Support
Team of Traders from 5 people who is monitoring work of algo's and make support of the chart 24/7
100+ exchanges we're partnered with
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