Market Making for crypto

Liquidity management on cryptocurrency exchanges.
Raise your token to the moon!
For listed tokens and EXCHANGES
Volume making
order book making
token liquidation
What is MarketMaking?

• Advancing the position of token in listings of chosen exchange

• Attracting new investors and professional traders

• Decreasing the expenses of investors and traders

• Benefitting common authority of the token

• Better conditions for listing on new exchanges

• Liquidation of Token - selling of unsold tokens
Our services
We increase Token's Liquidity, create Trade Volumes, fill gaps in Order Books.
Volume Making
up to $5mln/day
Increasing daily trading volumes on cryptocurrency exchanges within 24 hours using automated algorithms of trading with cryptobots.
Order Book Making

Filling gaps in the Order book in order to create more dense list of orders, simulating real users.
Smart Marketing and Custom Strategies
We create a special marketing strategy, where token's demand will grow each time the project releases news.
Development of individual strategy which will meet your needs and fulfill necessary functions.
Liquidation (sell) of Tokens
Extra sale of token on cryptocurrency exchanges post-ICO.
Tokens will be exchanged to BTC or ETH.
Exchange Listings

X10 is an official partner to the most of the top and middle cryptoexchanges. Get your token listed with our help.
Fast Setup

We will need not more than 2-4 days to full start of the campaign.
Free testing period
Contact us for more information.
Example of Order Book & Trading History at Market Making mode
Exchanges we support:
If you are interested in becoming a partner, please feel free to write us.

And 20+ more exchanges that we support and where you can get listed with our help.
If you represent new exchange and want to work with us, please contact us.
Token Liquidation
Extra sale of token on cryptocurrencyexchanges post-ICO.
Tokens will be exchanged to BTC or ETH.

Liquidation of tokens depends on its popularity, as well as on the market. On average, we can sell from 1% to 5% daily trading volume, if 30% of the total volume is organic (transactions of other traders).

Liquidationcan affect the price of the token and should be carried out in small amounts. This helps to control the process and make it more smooth.

Number of trading pairs
Trading Volumes
Not Limited
Not Limited
Not Limited
Token Liquidation
Reports/2 weeks
Smart Marketing
Online Statistics
Smooth Start
Support Package for 2 pairs
Important information
Fast setup
We will need 2-4 working days to start working with Market Making. During this period we make setup and testing.
We generate reports every two weeks with details of money spent and results of our work.
Free test period
We can run a free test period for your project. Contact us for more information.
Full support
Our specialists are in touch 24/7.
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